Port your Business number to VoIP SIP Trunk

    Local Number Portability (LNP) means customers can move their landline, or Mobile Number Portability (MNPmobile phone number from one carrier to another.  This means that you may Port (bring with you) your existing phone number to Australian Phone VoIP services. Please refer to the SIP Trunking page for monthly number hosting pricing options and plans once ported: SIP Trunking Pricing

You MUST HAVE an active Australian Phone SIP Trunking account to port your number. We are capable of porting numbers Australia wide

If you have ANY doubts, CONTACT US  for more information.

Category A Single Number Port cost:     FREE for a single number 

Category C Number Port Cost:          $170 + GST; Category C is a block (10-1000 numbers), or number hosted with a current provider as Category C, or number with attached complex services like ISDN, Line Hunt, FAX Duet, etc.. Please contact your current provider if you are not sure which category number you have.

Submit Number Porting Request to Australian Phone Company online:

Please make sure that you have read, understood, and accepted LNP terms and conditions before submitting the form.