How to set customised call recordings in Cloud PBX

 Cloud PBX users may use two types of call recordings (Record Voice Conversations into audio files to store them for quality and coaching services):

How to setup Amazon S3 services to work with Cloud PBX:

1. Register an account with Amazon S3 from here: use "Get Started with Amazon S3"

2. Once account created login into AWS Services console, select S3 service under "Storage"

3. Click: + Create Bucket and create new Bucket. We advise to use Asia Pacific (Sydney) region for better performance (please write down an exact bucket name, you will need it):

s3 bucket

4. Navigate to Services, select IAM service

5. Navigate to Groups, select "Create New Group"

6. Create a Group with "AmazonS3FullAccess" policy:

s3 group

7. Navigate to "Users", Click "Add user"

8. Make some user's name and select "Programmatic access"

9. Click "Add user to group", tick Group that you created in the previous step and click "Review"

s3 user to group

10. Click "Create user"

11. Once the user created - copy "Access key ID" and "Secret access key" for the created user. Do it before click "Close", you will not be able to access to Secret key any more once user created.

s3 user created

12. Now, open your "Cloud PBX" portal, click on the top right on the dotted square box and select "Storage" application. You may need to enable it in App Exchange on the same page if you cannot see this app.

s3 apps


13. Inside "Storage App" Click on "Settings", click +New Storage

s3 new stor

s3 settings

14. Click "Create" and all done, storage is yours.

15. Now you may enable Call Recordings in User's properties and all conversations will be recorded and stored in Amazon S3. Please see the picture below: 

s3 rec enable

16. You may access recordings at any time via Cloud PBX "Recordings App" or download/manage straight via S3 services from Amazon portal. Please see the picture below:

record app