How may lines, calls and numbers may I have simultaneously ?

            Numbers of lines (number of concurrent calls) per account and per device are handled separately for Residential and Business plans. A number of lines per account mean how many concurrent calls one customer may have for his account for all SIP/IAX devices. The number of concurrent calls per device means how many concurrent calls single SIP/IAX device may have. A few SIP/IAX devices may be created under one account.

            Residential customers – All residential customers have a limitation with one concurrent call per account and per device. Residential customers have one device per account by default. A number of concurrent calls per device cannot be increased. If a residential customer would like to have more than one device under the account to have more than one phone at house monthly subscription fee will be applied as many times as many devices customer would like to have. For example household has 3 VoIP phones under one account with a Standard plan – customer pays 3 times Standard plan monthly fees ($3.95 x 3 = $11.85 per month). In this case, the account has 3 concurrent calls per account limitation, but still one call per device. Calls between devices are not counted and not metered. In case a residential customer would like to have more than one DID per account - that is not changing a number of concurrent calls. That may be a few devices scenario when each DID comes to separate device or all DID to one device. Also calling group configuration is possible - when a call is coming to a few devices simultaneously.

            Business customers – Number of concurrent calls per account are defined by your plan. Like “5 Lines” defined 5 simultaneous (incoming or outgoing all sum together) calls per account. Upon your request, you may have 5 different SIP/IAX devices or 5 calls under one SIP/IAX device.


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