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CSipSimple configuration on Android

  •  You need to have an active account with us before configuration.
  • Application CSipSimple it self may be downloaded in Android market:
  • android-marketOnce application installed, OPEN it to complete configuration:
csip simple config csipsipple add acc csip simple advanced
  • Select your desired mode to receive

calls (like always available or WiFi only) 

  • Enable "I'm allowed to use mobile"
  • Click "Add Account"
  • Select Advanced configuration
  • Login into MY ACCOUNT portal and
  • Check your "Device" credentials:

    mor devices

  •  Example of Username/Password from "Devices" page under MY ACCOUNT.

mor dev settings

  • Enter Account name: Ausphone
  • Enter Server: sip.australianphone.com.au
  • Enter Username: Device Username from Device settings, picture above
  • Enter Password: Device Password from Device settings, picture above
  • Click Use TCP (non UDP) if you are going to use on Mobile network
  • Click Save

csip simple credent

  • Verify that your account is "green". Application is ready to make calls.

csip simple registered

  • Make a test call to 09002 free number to check your sound.

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