Cisco 7940 and 7960 manual configuration


Before beginning, the Cisco phone must have the SIP firmware installed. Proof of this is the SIP logo in the upper right corner of the phone's screen. If you do not have the SIP firmware installed you need to upgrade your phone with SIP software first.

·       Press the Settings button.

·       Use the scrolling arrows in the center to go down to Unlock Config and press select.

·       The screen will then prompt you for a password. The password for these particular phones is cisco in all lowercase letters. Once done typing in the password press the Accept button.

·       Keep in mind that any time you leave the Settings screen you will be prompted for the password.

·       Next scroll up to Network Configuration and press select.

·       On this screen you will see all the parameters to configure the network. First you must scroll down to the field which asks if you want DHCP Enabled. You should select Yes and then hit Save.

·       If you selected No on previous step you need to complete the next 4 steps, otherwise go to next step

1. Scroll up to the IP Address field and hit the Edit button.

2. Now enter in the IP address assigned to the phone and hit the Accept button.

3. Repeat the previous step for the Subnet Mask, Default Router 1, and DNS Server 1 fields.

4. Once you are done press the Save button.

·       Next scroll to SIP Configuration and press select.

·       Now select Line 1 Settings.

·       Enter the following data:

Name = username-account name (Your device username, 10023 in example above)

Authentication username-account name (Your device username, 10023 in example above)

Authentication Password = SIP Password.  (Check password in portal for your SIP device)

Display Name = The name that will be shown when dialing another IP phone. (Your device username, 10023 in example above)

Proxy Address =

Proxy Port = 5060 -- The proxy port should always be 5060. 

·       Press Back

·       scroll down and Look for the following:

·       Preferred Codec = g729a

·       Out of Band DTMF = avt

·       Register Expires = 45

·       Register with Proxy = Yes

·       Outbound Proxy =

·       Outbound Proxy Port = 5060

·       NAT Enabled = Yes

Once all the settings have been entered use the Back button until you get to the main screen.