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We are an Australian Phone Company, registered and located in Victoria, Australia (ABN 44 079 944 161). We provide VoIP services to residential and business customers offering a cheap Australian land line, mobile and international calls.

           We are working with full fulfilment of Australian Standards; our customers are protected under Telecommunication Consumers Protection (TCP) Code C628:2012. Compliment with code is yearly confirmed by the independent CommCom compliance monitoring body. Please refer to CommCom to find more details.

           Australian Phone Company is an active member of Australian Telecommunication Industry Ombudsmen scheme that provides an additional protection for our customers.

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 Our VoIP soft switch, billing system, business Cloud PBX servers are resides in two indemendent datacenters: Melbourne NEXTDC and Melbourne EQUINIX ME1 under constant 24/7 support and redundancy for unlikely case one of datacenters failed.

Service status/availability history may be checked from here: https://status.australianphone.com.au/

Take a virtual tour in data center Melbourne NEXTDC:

Take a virtual tour in data center Melbourne EQUINIX ME1 :


 If you have any suggestions or questions - please don't hesitate to contact us.


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