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VoIP Cloud (Virtual, Hosted) PBX for Business   

       PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The users of the PBX can communicate internally (within their company) and externally (with the outside world) using Voice over IP technology (VoIP). A PBX also allows you to have much more flexibility in self-configuration than physical phone lines (PTSN) and allows free calls between users. Additionally, it provides features like call transfers, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus (IVRs), time-based routing, queues, and lots and lots more.

        Time and Technology, however, have changed the consumer telephony landscape, with the flag-bearer being the Open-Standards-based IP PBX. The point of the “IP” in this new era is that the phone calls are delivered using the Internet Protocol as the underlying transport technology. Our PBX is compatible with any type of SIP Hardware phones or SIP Software clients.

       We provide Cloud PBX phone systems (also called as Hosted or Virtual, or PBXaaS) with a free 3-month trial. Our Cloud Based PBX is a Business Grade redundant solutions located in the highly reliable data centre and you don’t need to administrate your own servers on-premises, which saves your time and money.


  • PBX Plan

  • Local/National Calls
  • Mobile Calls
  • 13/1300 Calls
  • 1800 Calls
  • Australian Number (DID)
  • Additional Number (DID)
  • 1300 DID Number
  • Mobile (614) Number
  • Recordings (you store)
  • Recordings (we store 1GB)
  • Pay as you grow

  • $ 3.95

    Per Month, Per User, (3 Month Trial, $5 Trial Credit)

  • Local/National Calls10c Untimed
  • Mobile Calls12c Per Minute
  • 13/1300 Calls30c Untimed
  • 1800 CallsFREE
  • Australian Number (DID)1 Included, Per User
  • Additional Number (DID)$ 2.5 Per Month
  • 1300 DID Number$9 Per Month
  • Mobile (614) Number$7.5 Per Month
  • Recordings (you store)Included
  • Recordings (we store 1GB)$ 10 Per Month
  • Extensions Master

  • $ 18.95

    Per Month, For up to 25 Users, (3 Month Trial, $5 Trial Credit)

  • Local/National Calls9c Untimed
  • Mobile Calls10c Per Minute
  • 13/1300 Calls28c Untimed
  • 1800 CallsFREE
  • Australian Number (DID)10 Included, Per PBX
  • Additional Number (DID)$ 2.0 Per Month
  • 1300 DID Number1 Included
  • Mobile (614) Number$7.5 Per Month
  • Recordings (you store)Included
  • Recordings (we store 1GB)$ 5 Per Month
  • PBX Unlimited

  • $28.95

    Per Month, Per User, ($5 Trial Credit)

  • Local/National CallsIncluded
  • Mobile CallsIncluded
  • 13/1300 CallsIncluded
  • 1800 CallsFREE
  • Australian Number (DID)1 Included, Per User
  • Additional Number (DID)$ 2.0 Per Month
  • 1300 DID Number$9 Per Month
  • Mobile (614) Number$7.5 Per Month
  • Recordings (you store)Included
  • Recordings (we store 1GB)$ 5 Per Month


Auto Attendant
Menus (IVRs)
  • Help direct your incoming calls to the right location using voice response menus
  • Upload your own HD recordings MP3/WAV
  • Record/update greeting directly using phone
  • Instant Text To Speech professional conversion
  • Use your SIP phone's CONF button to add 2nd caller to your existing call
  • Connect local and remote parties
  • JOIN callers and leave their conversation intact when no longer wanting to participate
  • Host your own conference bridge
  • Include as many callers are you have extensions in your account
  • Host large conferences with burstable lines
  • Add multiple users to a single call route
  • Add multiple devices to a single call route
  • Mix and match users and devices
  • Use simultaneous or sequential ring styles
  • Place any call on hold using your SIP phone's HOLD button
  • Place multiple calls on hold on different lines keys on your multi-line SIP phone
  • Use user's specific Music 
Call Transfer
  • Use the TRANSFER button on your SIP phone to transfer a call to another extension or even to an external number
  • Add programmed fast transfer keys per extension
Call Transfer
  • Quickly transfer calls using the fast "blind" method without waiting to talk to the callee who is receiving the call
  • Use programmed keys for faster and frequent transfers
  • Call between local extensions for free
  • Extensions can be in the same office
  • Extensions can also be in different offices
  • Use your SIP phone's DND button to block calls and send them directly to voicemail or other destinations you define
  • Use our server-side DND feature code
  • Control your own local, public and emergency caller ID names and numbers
  • Adjustable by SIP device, user and by account
Music On Hold
  • By default, callers listen to HD classical music while on hold
  • Included music is royalty-free
Music On Hold
  • Upload custom HD recordings to play to your callers while they're on hold
  • Upload high-quality MP3 files
  • Record special messages for your callers
Call Parking
  • Using the included feature code, transfer your caller in any parking lot number
  • Once in a parking lot, pick up the caller from any other SIP phone in your account
Presence &
Busy Lamp
  • Use your SIP phone's programmable buttons to "watch" is you co-workers' SIP phones are busy, idle or ringing
  • Use BLF keys as transfer and speed dial keys
Presence for 
Call Parking
  • Individual call parking lots can also be monitored for presence, just like another staff member's SIP device.
  • Add parking lots to your SIP phone BLF keys
  • Enabled call forwarding to your mobile phone to work in tandem with your SIP phone
  • Accept calls on whichever device you have next to you
  • Voicemail boxes can be added for each extension
  • Voicemail boxes can be shared between multiple staff and SIP phones
  • Login to the web user portal and review each of your voicemail messages
  • Search the list of messages
  • See the date and time of each message
to Email
  • By default, voicemails messages are sent to your users' email addresses
  • The recording is provided as an MP3 file
  • Date, time and caller ID are included
Send & Receive
  • Faxing over VoIP using the T.38 standard is fully supported in Cloud PBX
  • Receive faxes
  • Send faxes
Fax to Email
  • By default, faxes are sent to your users' email addresses
  • Faxes are provided as PDF files
  • Date, time and caller ID are included
Time of Day
  • Route your calls to match specific time-of-day, day-of-week or date
  • Mix and match time patterns for flexible call routing for closed and opened hours
Hot Desking
  • Allow your SIP phones to "float" between staff members
  • Staff can sit at any desk and log in to the local available phone and their extension follows
  • Add staff members to the directory and allow callers to search by dialling by first name and last name
  • Selectively omit specific staff members
  • Using Ring Groups, you can adjust any callers to sequentially ring multiple users or SIP phone
  • Using Ring Groups, you can adjust any callers to simultaneously ring multiple users or SIP phones
Call Parking
Call Hold
  • Call parking allows you to place calls On Hold in a Parking Lot
  • Parking Lot calls can be retrieved from any other device in your account
Shared Line
  • Shared Line Appearance allows multiple SIP phones to see incoming calls and selectively retrieve calls as they ring
  • Programmable keys allow for call pickup
Multi Offices &
Home Offices
  • Register SIP phones from any of your offices all while using the same account
  • Take your SIP phones with you while you travel
  • Set a local default language for audio prompts for callers and your staff
  • Change the system feedback language on a per number and per extension basis
Call History
  • All calls are logged under each staff members individual web portal page
  • Administrators can review the master logs
  • Logs are searchable
Call Recording
& Archiving
  • Calls can be selectively recorded on a per number and per extension basis
  • Recordings may be stored with Amazon S3 storage services or locally
Remote Call
  • Allow staff to assist answering of calls ringing on other SIP phones
  • Help distribute callers to backup staff during peak busy times
  • Staff may connect multiple devices under a single user account
  • Add a SIP phone at the main office and another at the phone office
Dynamic JSON
  • Work with our developers to create custom call routing and feedback to match your specific business processes
  • Use the popular JSON data format
WebHooks API
  • Work with our developers to integrate with your customer's CRM or reporting tools

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