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1300/1800 Australian DID Phone Numbers for your business

Get any Australian Phone Number Virtually Anywhere

      Your business phone number is your lifeline with the outside world. It's how you generate new business, keep existing clients happy, deal with suppliers, and communicate throughout your company. With us, you can get a virtual phone number anywhere - toll-free (1800), business (1300) or local numbers in all Australian locations, as well New Zealand international. A virtual phone number is just like a standard number, but it rings directly into our service rather than to your phone, giving you all the benefits of our industry-leading hosted PBX service. Callers hear an "auto-attendant" greeting which will help them decide who or which department they want to reach, and then we route the calls to your employees on any types of phone - landlines, cellular, VoIP, even satellite phones and sea phones. You can mix and match different types of phone numbers in your account and each number can have its own greeting.

   Australian phone gives you the option of having as many incoming numbers as you want. You can establish different phone numbers for different businesses, for tracking promotional campaigns, or have local Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers for each employee in your system. 


    • DID Number

    • Monthly fees

      • Landline Answer Point
      • Mobile Answer Point
      • VoIP Answer Point
      • NEW Number Setup
      • Number Port IN/OUT
    • 1300 Number

    • $ 9.00

      • 10c call + 7c minute
      • 19c minute
      • 7c minute
      • $0
      • $15
    • Sign Up
    • 1800 Number

    • $ 19.00

      • 10c call + 7c minute
      • 19c minute
      • 7c minute
      • $0
      • $65
    • Sign Up
    • Normal DID

    • $ 2.5

      • 10c call
      • 12c minute
      • FREE
      • $0
      • $35
    • Sign Up

 Porting numbers

    If you have a local, 1300 or 1800 number that you've been using with your business you won't lose the time and expense you put into cultivating it as part of your company's identity. We can port any toll-free number and most local numbers to our service. We provide you with a temporary virtual phone number that allows you to get started with us while your number is being ported. Once the porting process is complete, your business number will ring your PBX directly. Currently, we do not port any international numbers. 

Multiple main numbers - get more from Australian Phone

    Many of our customers find that having more than just one phone number into their businesses pays huge dividends. With us you can have as many incoming numbers as you want, and each number can have its own custom greeting. And you can mix-and-match local, international and 1300/1800 numbers. Here are some of the things you can do with more than one virtual phone number:

  • Run more than one business from just one account.
  • Track marketing campaigns based on the phone number called.
  • Use a 1300 or 1800 number for nationwide presence and a separate local number for your own neighborhood.
  • Publish a local phone number in each of many locations, showing your direct involvement in each community.

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