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How to create Ring Group (Line Hunt) in Cloud PBX

1. Login into Cloud PBX if you are not in.

2. Select "Groups" on the left, click Add Group button. Enter the group extension number (any internal number in the system) and select required users to be part of this group.

ring group create

3. Once Group created you may click on "Members" to set required ring strategy for this group. Set required sequence for calls inside the group, like to all members at the same time and one if nobody picks up, or receptionist first and other members later.

ring group manage

4. Enable special features on Ring Group if required.

ring group features

  • Call Recording - if you want to use PBX enabled Call Recording
  • Ring Back - you may upload your own music or melody to play to user customers till they are waiting for an answer
  • Next Action - what would you like to do with the call (like Voice mail, forward to external number) if nobody picks up. This feature works only if the group has its own external number (not via the main number)
  • Allow Call-Forward if you would like users to enable Call Forwarding feature on Group Calls
  • Caller ID Prepend - this will show the entered text to users when incoming calls are arriving. User may see that call is coming like "Main Line" or "Support Line" or something else.

5. Once the group is ready you may forward calls to this group from your main number call flow:

ring group mainnum 

6. Or you may set an individual phone number per each group:

ring group ownnum