Remote Hands

Remote Hands Support

3cx cert

   Remote Hands Support is a professional service provided by our Customer Support Team when a customer's VoIP equipment (PBX) installation, configuration, provisioning, or troubleshooting is required. While standard support requires only general advice regarding your settings - Remote Hands allows you to get professional service when we log in remotely (via TeamViewer or similar Remote Admin Program) to your PBX or equipment and perform remote configuration/troubleshooting. All job is done by qualified VoIP engineers with extended experience and certifications for a number of platforms.


Supported Platforms:

  • Asterisk family (FreePBX, Elastix)
  • 3CX PBX (Any instances: Local Windows/Debian, Google Cloud, AWS)
  • Kazoo 2600hz
  • Different models of VoIP phones, ATA


Performed Tasks:

  • System remote installation, initial configuration, initial tuning
  • SIP Trunk Initial Setup, Inbound/Outbound Rules settings
  • Extensions, Dial Plan Configurations, IVR, Ring Group, Routing Rules Settings
  • Call flow, performance troubleshooting (Cannot make or receive calls, low quality, silent calls, etc..)


We cannot touch:

  • Your network elements: Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Modems, etc..
  • Your PC environment: Operational System, DNS, DHCP, Partitions settings


Book a job now:

Duration Typical Performed Activity Price Book
15 min. Simple SIP Trunk settings in Asterisk, 3CX, Routing Rules setup, Test Call $30 AUD   Pay Now 

30 min Complex PBX Setup with SIP Trunking, Multiple Extensions, Ring Groups/Call Queue, Complex Rules setup $50 AUD   Pay Now 

1 Hour 3CX or FreePBX installation, Initial Setup, Test Call $75 AUD   Pay Now 

8 Hours Compex PBX Setup: Kazoo 2600hz, or 3CX/FreePBX with multiple extensions and Comlex Routing Scenarios. 1 Hour skill up and Q/A with Customer $550 AUD   Pay Now