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How to manage account settings: Caller ID, Conference, FAX, Business Hours in Cloud PBX

1. Login into Cloud PBX if you are not in

2. Click on "Dashboard" on top left to open a main dashboard for your PBX


  • Caller ID - Main Caller ID number presented for outbound calls for all account if user doesn't have a personal Caller ID enabled. Personal User's caller ID overrides account one. You may select any of numbers from main numbers to be presented as Caller ID or set none for anonymous calls.
  • Hold Music - Music on Hold used for whole account if user doesn't have own.
  • Hours - Quick link to setup office hours in Main numbers calls Flow
  • Conference number - Here you may attach phone number into your conference room. You may use extension number if you need to use conference facilities only internally or assign external phone number (from Spare numbers or order new one) if you would like to have access to conferences via landline number. Conference is protected by PIN number.
  • FAX Number - here you may setup FAX to Email phone number to be used as a Company FAX. Once number is assigned you will be asked to enter email to forward all FAX. To send FAX you will need to enable this functionality per user, as system expects FAX to be sent from user's personal email.