What type of equipment should I have to use VoIP services, how should I connect and where to locate this equipment ?

       Australian Phone doesn't limit your choice of equipment to connect to our network. To make your calls you may use any type of VoIP software on your PC or mobile phone, you can use recommended software from our site. If you are seeking to replace your home phone with our service we would recommend to use dedicated VoIP hardware, not software. It may be VoIP telephone adapter that connected to your ISP by Ethernet cable and you reuse your existing handset by connecting to this adapter. Also you can buy a brand new VoIP SIP phone (including DECT wireless) that provides better functions like calling number indicator, call forwarding, phone memory, etc. These equipment can be purchased from our site, in this case equipment will arrive fully configured for your account or you may purchase it separately and configure yourself with instructions from our support page. If you would like to reuse equipment from your existing VoIP provider, please make sure that it is unlocked to assign with the new network. All equipment from our store coming unlocked and you may reuse it in the future.In case you are using wired handset it's location may be changed from current phone socket to your ISP home modem.


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