How to go about solving faults and problems?

VoIP services may be affected by different aspects of ISP issues, it is not necessary depends on Australian Phone. You may always check the availability of our services online to make sure that there are no issues from our side:

If a call does are connected, or suddenly drops out, hang up and call again, If your VoIP services are not working properly:

  • Check that your internet connection is working properly by browsing the internet from your computer.
  • Check that all the power is on in each piece of equipment.
  • Check that all the cables are connected properly.
  • Try turning the power off and on again for each piece of equipment  (Your VoIP phone or Phone adapter, modem, and router) (also called 'rebooting' just like a computer).
  • Check that your equipment has been set up correctly.

If the voice quality is suffering, for example, you are getting noise or distortion in your calls (or the person you are speaking with has problems understanding you):

  • Check for other activity on your computer or home network, for example downloading files from the internet, using file and music sharing programs, sending emails with large attachments.
  • If there is irritating noise or 'static', it may be due to interference from other nearby devices (maybe noticed if you are using a cordless phone).
  • Check your handset. If possible, plug in a different handset or trying using your handset or another phone line.
  • If you are using loudspeakers or hands-free, try using a headset or handset.


If the problem still exists please drop us a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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