Can I use Fax machines, Home banking or Home alarm Systems via VoIP?

    Yes, our equipment supports fax machines based on G.711a codec with T38 involvement as far as alarm systems that also based codec G.711a. But we can not grantee this type of codec will be supported from E2E especially for international calls. In this case, we may not grantee that fax and alarm systems will be reliable in VoIP service due to dependency on third parties.

    According to home banking, there are two issues: DTMF compatibility and security. Technically we support DTMF and third party networks suppose to support this technology as well, but we STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND to use telephone banking via DTMF over VoIP services due to SECURITY reasons. Your data may be intercepted over the internet. Banks provide security technologies with their internet banking such as SSL connections, encryption and digital certificates to protect customers' information. Please use internet banking instead of phone banking.

     Alarm systems are technically compatible with VoIP, however, 1345xxxx back-to-base monitoring alarm systems dial numbers are not allowed, due to upstream carrier restrictions.


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