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LinkSys PAP2T VoIP SIP adapter configuration manual

  • Before configuration, you need to have an active account with us.
  • Connect your adaptor to Ethernet (your router), phone, and power, switch on the power, see the picture:

    PAP2T installation router

  • Dial from your phone **** (Four times star).
  • You should be in the configuration menu.
  • Dial 110# to find out your adaptor's IP address. Write down IP address, and hang up.
  • Type this IP address in any internet browser from the computer connected to the same router/network.
  • LinkSys configuration page should appear.


    • Click Admin Login on the right top on the page.
    • Click switch to advanced view on the top of page.
    • Configure Line 1 SIP information. Your login/password may be checked via MY ACCOUNT portal, SIP/IAX INFO page.
    • Check your Device credentials:

mor devices

  • Example of Username/Password from SIP/IAX page under MY ACCOUNT.

mor dev settings

  • You need to define SIP Proxies like sip.australianphone.com.au, User ID and Authentication ID - your device username number, type password and your Display name is optional
  • Make sure Register: Yes
  • Make sure: Use DNS SRV: Yes

    sip config3


  • Configure dial plan to make Australian and International calls. Put to dial plan: (000|0011xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|1300xxxxxx|13[1-9]xxx|1800xxxxxx|0[2345678]xxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxx|09xxx)
  • Configure Emergency 000 Number as well.


  • Click Save Setting and you adaptor will be shortly restarted.
  • Next step we recommend to enable "NAT Keep Alive Interval" (Set to "Yes") and set interval to 15sec. It will allow your adaptor to keep better connection for incoming calls. 


  • Please make sure that you have "NAT Mapping Enabled" > YES and "NAT Keep Alive Enable" > Yes otherwise you may have problems with incoming calls.


linksys nat

  • Set this parameter in SIP page and click the Save Settings button:
  • Your adaptor is ready to use, you should see three green lights (Power, Internet and Line 1 registration).


            Please check the Cisco LinkSys PAP2T user manual if you require more detailed information.


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