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3CX Phone System configuration

      Dear Customers, we are a supported SIP Trunk provider for the great 3CX phone system http://www.3cx.com. 3CX Phone System is a Windows, Debian or Cloud-based IP PBX software that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX / PABX. 

     Please visit our 3CX page for license purchases, free downloads, etc: 3CX PBX Licences, PBX download

     Only to our customers: If you purchase a 3CX license via us - we void one year of monthly fees for SIP Trunk on 2 Lines, 5 Lines or 30 Lines plans.  Purchase discounted licences from here: 3CX PBX Licences

To allow your 3CX working with the Australian Phone Company SIP trunk please perform the next configuration steps:

1. You need to have installed, up and running the 3CX system first, refer to PBX download to download it.

2. Update your 3CX up to the latest version.

3cx update

3. Login into Australian Phone "VoIP MY ACCOUNT", go to devices as shown below:

mor devices

4. Make sure that your device is configured as "Trunk", otherwise you may have problems with incoming calls and CID translation for outgoing calls. If you need to change the type of your device please advise us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4. Please check your device credentials as shown below:

mor dev settings

3. Add a new SIP Trunk, by selecting from 3CX admin: SIP Trunks > + Add SIP Trunk:  Australian Phone Company should be available for country AU as shown in the picture below:

3cx add trunk

4. Enter Main Provider No as your extension number (10023 in the example) and click OK

5. Complete registration by entering extension Username as Authentication ID, and Password from extension password according to your settings,  as well as a number of simultaneous calls according to your business plan limitation.

3cx trunk details

6. Click OK on the top to allow trunk register in our switch. Wait for 20-30 seconds, click SIP Trunks on the left and you should see the green light on the left of the trunk and details regarding the last registration status:

3cx trunk registered

7. If you already have DID numbers you need add them to the trunk and inbound rules to receive calls. To add DID to trunk:  go to SIP Trunks, Select Australian Phone Company trunk, click "Edit", and navigate to DID. Please make sure that DID is entered in E164 format like 61399998289 (no plus, starting from country code, no leading zero)

3cx did

8. Create a separate rule for each DID from us or wildcard DID. Route DID according to your preference:

3cx inbound

9. Create three independent sets of Outbound rules in your 3CX in Outbound Rules > + Add Outbound rule.

  •  The first one for forwarding for all starting with "0" calls (Overseas, National and Mobile calls)are being forwarded to Australian Phone Company trunk.

 3cx outb nat


  • The second set is to forward local calls with a number of digits: 8 (Local Calls)

3cx outb loc

  • And the last one for 13/1300/1800 numbers to forward all starting with 13,18 to Australian Phone Number trunk:

3cx outb 1318

You should be able to see all rules once configured:

3cx inbound 2

13. The system is ready to use. Place a test call to the free 09002 number to check the sound. Please refer to 3CX documentation for fine-tuning and contact us if any assistance with trunk configuration is required.


Multiple trunks to the same provider are not a preferred option, we strongly advise to have only one trunk to provider, but in some circumstances when it is required please apply the next changes manually to SIP Trunk Inbound and Outbound rules:

  • Navigate to "SIP Trunks", select "Australian Phone Company" SIP Trunk, Select "Edit", navigate to "Inbound Parameters" and enable "Use both "Source Identification" rules tick", please see the picture:
    3cx sip trunk inbound
  • Click OK to save changes and repeat the same settings on all trunks to the same provider.


How to Configure Encryption on 3CX SIP Trunk (Optional)


  • From 3CX Version 18 TLS/SRTP is properly supported and may be enabled for 3CX trunks. Please note, FAX over SRTP is not supported, and encryption cannot be used if you are using the 3CX FAX server.
  • Contact on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us advising that you require TLS/SRTP Encryption enabled on your SIP trunk, wait the response that trunk was switched accordingly.
  • Navigate to SIP Trunks >  Australian Phone Company Trunk > Options
  • Set SRTP mode as "Enforced"
  • Enable TLS Transport Type
  • Upload ROOT certificate, please download it from here: Download 3CX root certificate




  • Click OK on the top of trunk configuration, and trunk should register using TLS/SRTP

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