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GXP 1610 SIP GRANDSTREAM VoIP Phone configuration manual



IP Phone 132x48 LCD, Single line, Dual Fast Ethernet Ports, 3 program keys, EHS


The GXP1610 is a simple-to-use IP phone for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and home offices.


This Linux-based model features a single SIP account, up to 2 call appearances and 3 XML programmable soft keys. A 132x48 LCD screen creates a clear display for easy viewing. Additional features such as dual switched 10/100 Mbps ports, multi-language support, Electronic Hook Switch support for Plantronics headsets, call-waiting and 3-way conferencing allow the GXP1610 to be a high quality, user-friendly and dependable IP phone.

GXP1610 Add 1


Full user manual is available for download from here

  • Before configuration you need to have an active account with us.
  • If you don't have a phone, you may purchase it here: Buy Granstream GXP 1610 SIP VoIP Phone
  • Make sure, that your Phone is connected to electricity, Ethernet and switched on. Please wait till phone is fully loaded and ready.
  • Find out your phone internal IP address. To check IP address press: Menu, Select Status, click Network Status and write down IP address. It looks something like
  • Use a computer from the same network, type in internet browser:

config 1

  • Enter URL = http://Phone IP address
    • User name = admin
    • Password = admin
  • Check your device credentials via MY ACCOUNT portal > Personal details > Devices

mor devices

  • Your login/password are coming from MY ACCOUNT portal > Personal details > Devices:

mor dev settings

  • Select Accounts > Account 1 > General Settings

config 2

  • You need to define SIP server and Outbound Proxy as: sip.australianphone.com.au
  • SIP User ID, Authenticate ID - your Username from Personal details > Devices > Usename
  • Authenticate password from Personal details > Devices > Password
  • Tick enabled "Account Actibe > Yes"
  • Voice Mail Acess Number > 09003
  • Name > Your name

config 3

  • Click Save and Apply
  • Go to Select Accounts > Account 1 > Basic Settings

config 4

  • Set: SIP Registration = Yes, Registration Expiration =60, Enable OPTION Keep Alive = Yes, SIP Transport - TCP
  • Click on Save and Apply button and after short restart phone is ready.
  • Make a free 09002 test call

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