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Port (keep) your number to VoIP (LNP)


   Local Number Portability (LNP) means customers can move their landline.  Please note - Mobile Number Portability (MNP) mobile phone number from one carrier to VoIP residential services is not accepted and not supportedLNP means that you may Port (bring with you) your existing LANDLINE phone number to Australian Phone VoIP services. The monthly fees for one ported landline geographical number are already included in your Standard or Unlimited plans and will not add any monthly cost on top of the plan. If you require just a new phone number, you may get it for free from the number order page.

You MUST HAVE an active Australian Phone account to port your number. We are capable of porting numbers Australia-wide.

If you have ANY doubts, CONTACT US  for more information.

  • Due to our need to communicate with your originating carrier for porting a number, the standard turnaround time for a porting request is typical " 10 WORKING DAYS " ( 5 for the port verification and 5 for the actual port ). We have no control over these timelines. They are determined by legislation and the response time of the originating carrier. Therefore, a precise time frame cannot be guaranteed.
  • If your number is connected to a DSL ( ADSL ), or some NBN services (especially HFC) and you port that number to VoIP ( Australian Phone ), your Internet service may be cut off. Please double-check that your current provider supports porting numbers and check how your internet service may be affected.
  • By porting the above telephone number(s), the service associated with that telephone number is disconnected from the existing Service Provider’s network and may result in the finalization of the account for that service. Please DO NOT disconnect your number prior to commencing the Porting process.
  • You obtain the right to port your telephone number(s). However, there may be costs and obligations imposed by your current Service Provider, associated with the port which may include early termination fees and/or Porting fees. Please check with your existing carrier prior to submitting a porting request.
  • NOT all numbers can be ported. Australian Phone will attempt to port your number. However, in some circumstances, the port may be rejected by the holding carrier

Port a Single Number:     FREE for a single number (Category A)

There are three ways to submit a Number Porting Request to an Australian Phone Company:

  • Online form: Submit the online form on the current page below, the easiest and quickest way
  • Paper form: You may download, fill out the port number request form and email both form and phone to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Paper form: You may download, fill out the port number request form and FAX both form and phone bill to 03 9999 8288.

Please make sure that you have read, understood, and accepted LNP terms and conditions before submitting the form.


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