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Order Australian VoIP (Virtual) Phone Number (DID)

     We provide real-world phone numbers directly connected to your VoIP phone (VoIP numbers are sometimes called virtual phone numbers). This means you can have Melbourne phone number allocated with your account, the number could be (03) 1234 5678. When this number is dialled from any other phone in Australia or over the world, your VoIP phone will ring and you will receive the call. A DID Number doesn't need to reside in your location. Therefore, you may have a number that is outside your area, which means customers or family and friends can call you at local call rates if they are situated within the locality of your number. Customers can have multiple DID's for different locations on an account.

     Standard and Unlimited plans include one phone number (excluding International DID, 1300 or 1800). Please order a phone number from this page, once you have an account with us. There are no connection fees, monthly fees for the first number that are included in Standard and Unlimited plans. Any additional DID number costs $2.5 per month. You can buy an unlimited quantity of numbers per account. Provisioning for a new number takes a few business hours, excluding numbers marked as Backorder. Backorder numbers are connected within 1-3 business days.

      We provide 1300 and 1800 numbers as well. Please fill out a form to find out availability and cost for Smart numbers.


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