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Zoiper configuration

  • You need to have an active account with us before configuration.
  • Please download application Zoiper for your phone/PC here. (or form you Apple Store/Play Market directly)
  • Use a QR code and instruction how to scan it to pre-configure application (See below if you cannot scan QR code). Instruction how to scan QR code is here
  • Configuration QR Code:

QR image


  • If you cannot scan QR code navigate: Settings > Add Account, Say "Yes", You alreary have an account, Select Provider > select Australian Phone
  • In case of manual configuration server address is sip.australianphone.com.au
  • Check your Device credentials:

    mor devices

  • Example of Username/Password from Personal Details > Device page inside MY ACCOUNT portal.

mor dev settings

  • Enter your device username and password into ZoiPer and click "OK"

iphone userpass 180 270


  • Make a test call to 09002 free number to check your sound.

 Please check if you have problems with incoming calls on Zoiper using mobile operators:

  • Zoiper > Settings (gear box on the right bottom of dial pad screen) > Accounts > Select "Australian Phone" account > Click register > Make sure registration status is "OK"
  • Zoiper > Settings (gear box on the right bottom of dial pad screen) > Incoming Calls > Force Background is enabled
  • If this doesn't help use next:  Switch transport type to TCP (Instead of default UDP, in Zoiper Accounts > Network Settings > Transports > TCP)

Incoming calls should be working fine after that.

Zoiper advanced security configuration is here (Suppoted only on Desctop/PC ZoiPer edition at the current moment, Not Available on Mobile): How to be secure with VoIP?


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