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Gigaset A510 VoIP SIP IP DECT Phone configuration manual


The Gigaset A510 and C610 IP phones are fitting solutions if you are looking for the choice of either VoIP or fixed line and convenience of using cordless handset. With DECT support these devices give you ability to place upward of 3 parallel calls.



Full user manual is available for download from here

  • Before configuration you need to have an active account with us.
  • Is you don't have a phone you may purchase it from here: Buy Gigaset A510 VoIP DECT Phone
  • Make sure, that your Phone is connected to electricity, Ethernet and switched on. Please wait till phone is fully loaded and ready.
  • Find out your phone internal IP address. To check IP address press paging button on the face of base station, please see screen shot below:

 gigaset a510 01

  • Once pressed, IP address of the base station should be dispayed on handset:

    gigaset a510 02

  • Use a computer from the same network, type in internet browser:
  • Enter URL = “http://Phone IP address/” 
  • Next page should appear:

    gigaset a510 03

  • Enter your system PIN for the A510 IP on the given field. The default PIN for the A510 IP is 0000
  • You should see next screen after that:

    gigaset a510 04

  • Under Settings click on Telephony link in the left side menu:

    gigaset a510 05

  • Select the first available line, indicated by "Not Configured" status:

    gigaset a510 06

  • Check your device credentials via MY ACCOUNT portal > Personal details > Devices

mor devices

  • Your login/password are coming from MY ACCOUNT portal > Personal details > Devices:

mor dev settings

  • After that click on "Show Advanced Settings" button and use the following settings:

    Connection Name or Number:

     Australian Phone

    Authentication name:

     Enter your device username (10023 in an example above)

    Authentication password:

     Use password from your device credentials, see above


     Enter your device username (10023 in an example above)

    Display name:

     Enter your device username (10023 in an example above)

    DNS SRV Lookup

    Lookup Enabled (Only if your phone has this option)



    Proxy server address:


    Proxy server port:


    Registration server:


    Registration server port:


    Registration refresh time:


    STUN enabled:


    STUN server address:


    Outbound proxy mode:


    Outbound server address:


    Outbound proxy port:


    Select Network Protocol:


  • Click Set, your configuration should look similar to picture below:

    gigaset a510 07

  • Next, audio settings should be done for Australian standards. To do this click on Audio followed by Show Advanced Settings button and ensure that G.711a and G.729 codecs are only codecs listed under Selected Codecs option. Once done, click the Set button to save your changes.

    gigaset a510 08

  • To receive calls properly you need to configure your Gigaset IP phone. Click on Number Assignment link, and ensure that both the radio button and the check box have been marked for the settings for outgoing calls and for incoming calls next to Australian Phone, as shown below:

gigaset a510 09

  • You may want to have an access to voice mail. From the left side menu visit the Network Mailboxes page. In the field next to Australian Phone enter 09003 and mark checkbox as Active

gigaset a510 10

  • Once done click on Set button.
  • Your phone is ready to use.
  • Make a free 09002 test call

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