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Linphone SIP Account Configuration

Please check here how to configure for Residential VoIP

  • Check your device credentials via MY ACCOUNT > Personal details > Devices

    mor devices

  • Your login/password are coming from MY ACCOUNT portal > Personal details > Devices:

    mor dev settings

  • Once the application is installed click on "Use a SIP Account" button:

linphone create acc sip

  • Enter Credentials in account configuration menu:

linphone credentials

  • You must define the next details:
  • SIP Domain: sip.australianphone.com.au
  • Username: match Username from your account (10023 in case of example)
  • Display name: match Username from your account (10023 in case of example)
  • Password: match device's password from your account.
  • Transport: Leave UDP for desktop, select TCP if you are using on your mobile or via a mobile connection
  • Click "USE

    linhpone select apc

  • Next, select created account on the top left
  • Make a free 09002 test call

Please check here how to configure for Cloud PBX

  • Login in to your Cloud PBX
  • Make sure that you have a spare Softphone device available
  • If you need to create a new device - check here: How to Create Device in Cloud PBX
  • Navigate to Devices, click on "Tool" on the right to see Device Credentials

device pass1

  • You need to get from here: SIP Username, SIP Password, Realm:

device edit1

  • Now, you need to enter these settings into LinPhone:
  • Username: match SIP Username from your device(user_dfs676fd in example)
  • Display Name: match SIP Username from your account (user_dfs676fd in the example)
  • SIP Domain: Enter Realm value from your device settings. (demo.pbx.australianphone.com.au in the example)
  • Password: match SIP Password from your Device settings.
  • Transport: Leave UDP for desktop, select TCP if you are using on your mobile or via a mobile connection
  • Click "USE
  • Make a free 09002 test call
linphone pbx credentials 

Click here to view how to enable VoIP encryption on Linphone (optional)

linphone prefer

  • Click Edit on Australian Phone account used before:

linphone edit

  • Change transport type: set TLS

linphone tls

  • Click Confirm to Save
  • Navigate to Calls and Chat on the top
  • Enable SRTP encryption

linphone srtp

  • Click OK to Save
  • Make a test call to 09002, you should see closed lock symbol and prompt that call is encrypted with SRTP

linphone call encrypted


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